ALAS meets with Fundazucar

On April 24th, ALAS met with Fundazucar, one of the largest social foundations in Guatemala that was founded by national sugar producers. We owe this great opportunity to Mr. Jean-Hugues Simon-Michel, the Ambassador of France, who introduced us to the Foundation.

We met with Griseldo Say López, Executive Subdirector, who showed a special interest in our cause. Indeed, Fundazucar already runs a social hospital in Escuintla, and we are exploring ways in which ALAS and Fundazucar could collaborate and become long-term partners in order to provide mental healthcare in Escuintla and throughout the country.

ALAS sent a formal collaboration proposal to Fundazucar and is pending a response. We genuinely hope this is the beginning of a long-term partnership with one of the most important social institutions in the country

We are grateful that Mr. Say López agreed to meet us and took such an interest in our cause.