ALAS meets the Ambassador of Chile

On April 20th, ALAS had the opportunity to meet with the Ambassador of Chile, Domingo Namuncura.

Mr. Namuncura and his advisors, Rodrigo Araya Mourgues and Miguel Angel Pablo Araya, showed a keen interest in our mission to improve access to mental healthcare in Guatemala.

During our meeting, Mr. Namuncura told us that Chile might be able to financially support our cause in the upcoming years (given that the Foreign Aid Budget for 2017 is already closed). The Ambassador and his advisors asked us to send a formal proposal so that they could try to back our project when 2018/2019 Foreign Aid Budget will be negotiated. However, they warned us that the upcoming presidential election in Chile might be a potential obstacle to Chilean financial support.

ALAS quickly forwarded the formal proposal and is now pending an answer from the Embassy.

We want to thank the Chilean Embassy for having taken the time to receive us and for having shown such interest in our cause.