ALAS, together with Sanofi, had an appointment with the Ambassador of France

On Thursday 23rd of March 2017, ALAS got the opportunity to meet with the Embassador of France, His Excellency Jean-Hugues Simon-Michel, and his economic adviser, Mr. Marc Legouy. The meeting was scheduled by Rony Calderon, medical director in Guatemala for Sanofi.

During our meeting, we presented ALAS, our project to improve access to mental health in Guatemala, and the programs through which we hope to achieve our mission. The Ambassador and his economic adviser were very receptive and reacted positively. They invited us to participate to a cocktail on Wednesday 29th of March 2017, where we will have the opportunity to meets other NGOs working in Guatemala. Moreover, we invited the Ambassador to join us during the International Day for Mental Health in October, to which he answered favourably (subject to his other obligations)