Jorge Alejandro Paiz Macz

Founder and President

Alejandro is ALAS’ lead psychiatrist. He founded ALAS together with Zoe Froget in 2013 as a way to formalize an activity that he had been pursuing for 5 years already. Alejandro decided to act on the lack of public funds for mental health by going to local communities to provide the most distressed families with free treatments. Alejandro embodies ALAS’ vision to improve access to mental health care throughout the country

Mildred Nathalie Ordóñez Ventura

Board Secretary and project coordinator

Mildred is working with ALAS since 2013. She started off as a volunteer psychologist, providing therapies to ALAS’ patients and coordinating awareness activities (conferences, speeches, workshops, etc.). Mildred is now fully dedicated to ALAS: she is responsible for coordinating projects and missions as well as for providing therapies to the communities.

Astrid Yerlín Cardona Morán

Treasurer and financial supervisor – pro bono

Astrid is ALAS financial supervisor since 2013 and works close to Jorge Paz the actual legal accountant in charge of ALAS legal financial status. Her experience with Friendship Bridge as country director has been extremely valuable in the development of ALAS financial plans. To this day, Astrid provides us with important insights

Grégory-Michel Bontemps

Strategic development manager – pro bono

Grégory joined ALAS in January 2017. Thanks to his background in Economics and International Finance, Grégory strives to make ALAS financially sustainable while pursuing our national expansion. More specifically, he is responsible for budgeting our missions, raising funds, and setting our strategy for expansion

Nyla Maria Esquina Sojuel

Local communities coordinator

Nyla is ALAS’ coordinator with local communities since 2014. She is a social worker who speaks both Spanish and the local Mayan language. Thanks to her communication skills and knowledge of the communities, Nyla organizes and coordinates events, consultations and all the social work that ALAS provides to the communities of the Sololá region