What you will do

ALAS is in constant need of volunteers to support its cause. Depending on your qualifications, you might want to help us “on the field”, with the administrative and strategies issues, or help us raising funds. That is, if you are a student or a mental health professional, you can help us by visiting destitute families and provide them with therapeutic sessions.

Health care students and professionals:

As a health-oriented NGO, ALAS can offer volunteers with a background in health studies a valuable opportunity to support the care we provide to families with members suffering from mental health disorders.  Nurses, doctors, psychiatry residents and fellows would have direct contact with patients and assist in the assessment process, diagnosis, treatment and follow up under the supervision of a local psychiatrist.

The experience in a poor-resources setting along with long-term diseases will push volunteers to develop further their clinical expertise and be creative in terms of finding ways to deliver a good quality service given the circumstances. 

Moreover, being in contact with mayan families in extreme poverty will bring back human qualities that the usual clinical training sometimes take away from the physician-patient-family relationship.

Students and professionals in other areas of expertise: 

Unlike what is sometimes thought, an NGO works muck like a regular, for-profit company. Whiles our operations are indeed focused on providing mental health care, ALAS also needs to improve its "corporate" organizational structure such as its expansion strategy, financial system, marketing, sources of funds, and all the other areas that you can find in an enterprise. As a consequence, it does not matter what your background looks like, ALAS will welcome anyone who is interested in supporting our cause.

In other words, if you studied accounting or finance, you can help us improve the quality of our financial systems and financial reports. If you specialized in marketing, you can help us improve our brand image and make us known at the national level. If you have experience in organizing events, come and organize fundraising events that will serve to finance our operations!

ALAS needs your support, and we promise that your experience with us will be filled with learning opportunities. Naturally, you will also have the chance to join us when we visit patients and get to know their difficult socio-economic situation. It is a unique experience that will make you grow, both at the professional and the personal levels.

We would like to precise that speaking fluent Spanish is essential to join ALAS. Indeed, most of the patients we work with speak local dialects and you will have to work with a translator.

Join us!

If you wish to join us, kindly fill in the following questionnaire and send us the duly filled document to the following address:


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Jena (left) and Mildred (right)

As a fellow training in child psychiatry, my experience with ALAS has been both career and life changing. For the first time in my training, I had to understand each patient and family beyond the standards in the US because I could not rely on labs, consistent follow up, vitals, and other resources. I had to help make decisions for the patient’s best interest in a way I’ve never been challenged to do before. My exposure and learning was beyond psychiatric illness and care, it was about the human experience, and with it, the most significant level of compassion, suffering, and fulfillment that I’ve ever experienced. Dr. Paiz teaches by example, with a joy and passion that I will continue to emulate in my career. I am a different kind of doctor since my experience with ALAS and plan on Guatemala.
— Jena Lee
X-Microfinance is thrilled to work with ALAS Pro Salud Mental to provide selected patients with microloans. With two of my classmates, I came from France to Guatemala to meet the patients, observe their needs and watch how their projects were going. We worked closely with Alas representatives and I was impressed by their commitment to the organization and how well they knew their patients. The microloans we allocated were meant to empower the patients whose projects were really promising and make them as independent as possible. I believe that Alas provides an effective healthcare to its patients and truly participates in improving the daily lives of the patients as well as their families
— Kenza Sbaï

From left to right: Tristan, one of our patients, Kenza, and Frank